Leesburg Girls Softball League (LGSL)

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 Mon 10/21/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Leesburg, Freedom Park Casciano 6:00p 7:45p  >LCSA>LGSL>8U Machine Pitch> Lady Sluggers GAME Purple Eagles    
Leesburg, Freedom Park Mayr 6:00p 7:45p  >LCSA>LGSL>8U Machine Pitch> Fireballs GAME 8U WLGSL Lightning (Purcel)   TO 
 Tue 10/22/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Leesburg, Freedom Park Casciano 6:00p 7:45p  >LCSA>LGSL>10U Kid Pitch> 10U WLGSL Bandits (RH) GAME Bombers   EM 
Leesburg, Freedom Park Mayr 6:00p 7:45p  >LCSA>LGSL>10U Kid Pitch> Yetis GAME 10U WLGSL Diamonds (Purcel)   EM 
 Wed 10/23/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Ashburn, Trailside Park #2 6:00p 7:45p  >LCSA>LGSL>12U Fast Pitch> 12U LLGSL Crushers GAME Blue Angels   EM 
Herndon, Herndon Middle School #1 7:45p 9:30p  >LCSA>LGSL>Senior Division> Senior HRYS Herricanes GAME Colts   DG 
Leesburg, Freedom Park Casciano 7:45p 9:30p  >LCSA>LGSL>Senior Division> Raptors GAME Senior AGSL Bomb Squad   CP 
 Thu 10/24/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Leesburg, Freedom Park Casciano 6:00p 7:45p  >LCSA>LGSL>12U Fast Pitch> Tigers GAME Triple Threat   MM 
7:45p 9:30p  >LCSA>LGSL>Senior Division> Liberties GAME Senior WLGSL Bandits (RH)   JD 
Leesburg, Freedom Park Mayr 6:00p 7:45p  >LCSA>LGSL>12U Fast Pitch> The Sparks GAME 12U WLGSL Bandits (RH)    
7:45p 9:30p  >LCSA>LGSL>Senior Division> Senior WLGSL Racers (RH) GAME Outlaws   SS 
 Fri 10/25/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Leesburg, Freedom Park Casciano 6:00p 7:45p  >LCSA>LGSL>10U Kid Pitch> Ponytail Express GAME 10U WLGSL Lightning (Purcel)   KM 
Leesburg, Freedom Park Mayr 6:30p 8:15p  >LCSA>LGSL>Senior Division> Senior AGSL Storm GAME Liberties Make-Up from 10/16. Make-Up from 10/22.  DF 
Leesburg, Phillip Bolen Park # 4 6:00p 7:45p  >LCSA>LGSL>8U Machine Pitch> Purple Eagles GAME Bombers    
 Sat 10/26/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Leesburg, Freedom Park Casciano 9:00a 10:45a  >LCSA>LGSL>10U Kid Pitch> Bombers Game Ponytail Express   MT 
11:00a 12:45p  >LCSA>LGSL>10U Kid Pitch> Yetis GAME 10U WLGSL Sluggers (Purcel)   PC 
1:30p 3:30p  >LCSA>LGSL>Senior Division> Outlaws Game Senior LLGSL Scorpions   TP 
3:30p 5:30p  >LCSA>LGSL>Senior Division> Liberties GAME Senior AGSL Aftershock   RS 
Leesburg, Freedom Park Mayr 3:30p 5:15p  >LCSA>LGSL>12U Fast Pitch> Triple Threat GAME 12U AGSL Eagles   RE 
Leesburg, Phillip Bolen Park # 4 10:00a 11:45a  >LCSA>LGSL>8U Machine Pitch> Fireballs GAME Lady Sluggers   TO 
Purcellville, Franklin Park #1 2:45p 4:45p  >LCSA>LGSL>Senior Division> Senior WLGSL Racers (RH) GAME Colts    
Purcellville, Franklin Park #2 12:00p 1:45p  >LCSA>LGSL>10U Kid Pitch> 10U WLGSL Lightning (Purcel) GAME Llamas   KM 
Round Hill, Woodgrove Park #2 10:45a 11:45a  >LCSA>LGSL>6U T-Ball/Coach Pitch> 6U WLGSL Bandits (RH) GAME Bombers    
Round Hill, Woodgrove Park #3 10:00a 11:45a  >LCSA>LGSL>8U Machine Pitch> 8U WLGSL Sluggers (Purcel) GAME Bombers    
Sterling, Sully Elementary #1 12:00p 1:45p  >LCSA>LGSL>12U Fast Pitch> 12U LLGSL Crushers GAME The Sparks    
2:00p 3:45p  >LCSA>LGSL>12U Fast Pitch> 12U LLGSL Wicked Chickens GAME Tigers   MH 
Sterling, Sully Elementary #2 11:00a 12:45p  >LCSA>LGSL>12U Fast Pitch> 12U LLGSL Bobcats GAME Blue Angels   SN 
1:00p 3:00p  >LCSA>LGSL>Senior Division> Senior LLGSL Patriots GAME Raptors   CP