Leesburg Girls Softball League (LGSL)

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Parents' Corner

Player Development

Parents can play a critical role in the development of a young softball player. Skills will progress as a player receives instruction and experience at practices and games. However, reinforcing the skills at home can be both a fun and rewarding experience for both the parents and players. Playing catch, fielding ground balls, fielding fly balls, and visits to the batting cage are all excellent ways to expedite player development. See the "Coaches' Corner" section of this web site to access fundamentals and drills.

Professional instruction is also an excellent way to supplement what the players are learning at practice. Professional instruction is particularly important to develop young windmill pitchers. Windmill pitchers require proper instruction and a considerable amount of practice to become proficient. It is not too young to begin instruction in the first or second grade.

Parents Code of Conduct

Coaches and parents must act appropriately at all times to help maximize the enjoyment of the players. The code of conduct can be accessed by clicking on the Parents' Code of Conduct link.

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